Mariama Kamara, commercial motor cyclist in Freetown

By Mohamed Amara Gando

A female Bike Rider, Mariama Kamara has called on young girls and women to be drafters of their success and destiny through relentless hard work and self-reliance and avoid overdependence on men.  Kamara made this statement in an interview with Beyond Borders at the Congo Cross bike parking point in Freetown.

Motorcycling transportation business has provided employment for thousands of youths in Sierra Leone. This income generating job is considered the fastest means of transportation but highly risky and popularly dominated by men, but 30-year-old mother of three, Mariama Kamara has a different conviction about the industry, saying that women can ride with complete determination and devotion.

Speaking to Beyond Borders, Kamara said has been in the industry for over five years. “Whenever I am riding my bike no man will think of bringing nonsense to me because all my focus is on my riding. My time with my bike is very important to me than any other thing and I don’t think I have time for men. So I am calling on women who are doing nothing to find something sustainable to do to make themselves self-reliant,” she stated

She said some bike riders earn more than some people in many office jobs. “Bike riding business is very important; it is a very good business and it is very much important compared to most office jobs, so I feel bad whenever I see some bike riders put on reckless behavior,” she said, adding, “Initially, I was riding for someone. But today, I own my own bike because of the effort and seriousness I have put into the business. I have three kids and I am a single parent but with this bike riding, I have been taking care of all my kids who are attending private school,” she stated. She pleaded with government, philanthropists and humanitarian organisations to provide more bikes to help ladies who are less privileged and jobless.


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