Long serving investment companies in Sierra Leone, Milla Group and Jolaks on 20 October 2020 interacted with parliamentarians at the Well of Parliament, Tower Hill in Freetown.

During the engagement, the two companies supported the Sierra Leone House of Parliament with furniture and the widely sold certified cooking Padi Oil.

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Speaking to a cross section of journalists, the management of Milla Group recalled that they started operations in Sierra Leone in 2001.

Milla Group is the manufacturer of items such as water tanks, conduit pipes, shopping bags, household products, buckets, chairs and tables. “Milla Group also created the Hand Free Washing Device to fight the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19)”, the management stated and expressed belief that the Hand Washing Device has helped greatly in maintaining the hygiene required in school institutions, hospitals, banks, among other public and private institutions.

Jolaks manufactures refines and produces Padi Oil in Sierra Leone and the byproducts can be used to manufacture soap, cosmetics, margarine and short cake.

The Group handed over 600 chairs, 150 tables, and 150 Jerry Cans of Padi Oil, proudly made in Sierra Leone.

“We delivered to Parliament to not only showcase our products but to also create awareness on the marketable Padi Cooking Oil”.

Milla Group expressed gratitude to customers for their patronage and promised to continue delivering their best services.

Milla Group and Jolaks expressed their gratitude to the Government of Sierra Leone for encouraging industries helping the Government in creating jobs, exporting to neighbouring countries and generating foreign exchange for banks. The occasion was climaxed by the recognition and respect bestowed to Milla Group and Jolaks by the Speaker of Parliament, Dr Abass Bundu


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