My name is James Amara Swaray commonly known as JAS.  I was born in a small village called Levuma in  Bo district. But I was brought to Freetown in 2001 by my uncle. My father was an employer at Madison and Catering Company and has some agricultural field. From these two sources we earned and fulfilled our needs. I lived with my father, mother and elder sister. From childhood I was not a brilliant student. I was average. When I passed my class six final exam with satisfactory marks, my father retired from that catering company in 1999. Our main source of income stopped and I realized that I had to do something to run my family while keeping in mind that I had to continue my studies. I later got admission in a college under Milton Margai College. After studying for four years in college, I graduated with a distinction in BSc. After graduation, I didn’t find any good job. I started working with a sales company named Green Mason Group of Company ( The company no longer exist).

After about a year with that company, I got news of constable recruitment in the Police force. At first, I was not very enthusiastic but the job, but when my family encouraged me, I applied. I was successful. I was selected for training in 2010. After completing the training, I was recruited as a constable police.

I and my family were very happy. In the year 2014, I married a lady I love from my college days and in 2015 I became a father of Joseph Jaward Jnr. As my son grew up and his basic needs also increased, my salary was not increasing to take care of the needs of the family. As the salary was not enough to maintain all the needs, I started different types of part time business beside my job.
Life has taught me so many lessons, but today I thank God that from constable, I am now Inspector. It simply means you will actually reap what you sow. I am also pleased with my job and my salary. Police work is a very good job as it gives the chance to serve your nation. My advice is that people should release the fear and refuse to entertain old pain.


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