Hon. Sahr Mathew Nyuma, Leader of Government Business in Sierra Leone Parliament

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By Mohamed Amara Gando

The Leader of Government Business in the Sierra Leone Parliament, Hon. Sahr Mathew Nyuma has stated that the New Direction Government will only follow the good things that were implemented by the previous Government of President Ernest Bai Koroma. He reiterated: “If you are involved in corruption, we will fight you”.  He added that if people “were and are corrupt” they will follow them to the last.

The Leader of Government Business pointed out that for far too long people have been debating on the issues of “who started this, who completed this”, but noted that said Government is continuity. He emphasized that they can only continue with the good things and that they will not condone any reckless governance systems.

He made this statement during the debate on the Presidential Speech delivered by President Julius Maada Bio in May this year.

Explaining the purpose of the debate on the Presidential Speech, Hon. Nyuma said it was to guide ministries, departments, and agencies (MDAs) on the strict implementation of the policies and programs of Government for the development of the country.

He denounced criticisms from opposition parties and pointed out that they could not serve as genuine judges of the current government. He said the APC government made promises that were never fulfilled and reiterated that the problems of Sierra Leone could not be solved in five years.

On inclusion and national cohesion, he said provisions are made in the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone for Parliament to allocate responsibility based on the strength of political parties in the House. He said President Bio was magnanimous even when he was stoned in Bo. He blamed the APC for politicizing the police after they won the election in 2007.  

He said the current Government is laying solid foundation for development in the country and stressed on the necessity for civic education so that everyone can understand the history, laws, rights and obligations of citizens of Sierra Leone.

The Leader of Government Business said, “President Bio is sincere by fulfilling most of his manifesto promises to the people of Sierra Leone, such as the repeal of the Part 5 of the Public Order Act of 1965”. He also said that President Bio has done well by appointing women of substance to top positions and for revamping the economy. He lauded Government for providing education and energy, especially to some areas in the opposition strongholds.  

He thanked President Bio for “his sacrifice to make Sierra Leone a better place” and described him as “the father of democracy and the most vilified presidential candidate ever in the history of the country.”

He said the essence of national cohesion was the reason they enacted the law on peace and stability that was passed into law. “SL has gone through an interregnum and there was a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) Report. The architect of peace is the President today. He has the moral guarantor to tell us about peace,” he pointed out.

Hon. Nyuma also thanked President Bio for “his proactive interventions relative to development programs that have been implemented by his Government”. He said the passing of good laws including the Cyber Security and Crime Act 2021 would contribute to the success stories of the current Government. “I acclaim President Bio for restoring dignity to politicians and for raising the profile of military personnel in the country,” he lauded.


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