In previous editions, I have pointed out that if there is God in your relationship, you will overcome challenges as a team or couple. But if the relationship is based on material things and God is absent, issues await you. Have you found the love of your life? Many people enter relationships but come up bruised, in regret and disappointed.  Finding true love is not as easy as you think. Most people enter it without the right foundation.

If you think “honey” is sweet, always remember that it is not easy to produce. Most people go into relationships based on feelings that are not based on true love, so they keep on chasing Mr. Right. Please take your time to consider what you want out of a relationship. What are you looking for? There is definitely no one size fits all. If your partner does these things, don’t let him go.

He loves God

If you find someone who genuinely loves God, there is a high possibility that he is someone of values. If someone does not love God, he will not love you because he will not even understand that God created marriage. In most Christian homes for instance, it is the women who are there leading prayers while the men go out having fun with friends in bars or watching Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Barcelona etc. This is wrong as the man’s absence in the home has a lot of negative impact on the upbringing of children. If your partner loves God and can take the lead in prayers at home, never let him go. 

He loves you

Never take a man for granted who loves you. Many people can say they are in love, but they are never sincere. Someone who loves you will make you feel important and essential.  Don’t forget that the two shall become one flesh. A man who loves you will tell you – I love you and there will never be any doubt that the best relationship of your life is the one that sees the two of you being happy together and loving each other through it all. If your man loves you, never take him for granted. Most times, some women tend to love men who are playboys, who tell lies etc. Any decent woman should cherish a man who loves her. If a man loves you, don’t let him go. Cherish him.

He is committed to you

Most men may want to go out with you but are not committed. If he is not committed, what are you doing in that relationship? You will never find the right man when you are in an illegal relationship. A man who sincerely loves you and is interested in you won’t waste your time. Most women end up old, single and frustrated because they wasted their own time in illegal relationships, dating another woman’s husband.

Encourages you to be your best

Does your partner want the best for you? Does he encourage you to improve in certain areas and not spend your life on social media? A man who loves you would want you to be your best and will even support you educationally.

He takes care of you

Taking care of someone does not mean he has to do illegal things to satisfy your needs. It basically means he cares about you and of course women like gifts. If your man gives you gifts from time to time let alone gives you money for your needs, appreciate him. This is not to say you cannot do the same. As a matter of fact, partners should discuss their resources and plan together.  

He goes out of his way for you

If a man loves you, you will always be in his thoughts. After God, you will be a priority because the two of you are meant to be in a relationship till death make you part. He will call you from time to time to see how you are doing. When you have an issue, he will be there for you, which is what partnership is all about.

Pays attention to you

If they spend more time looking at their phone and do not even notice your presence or are cold about you, think twice. A person who is interested in you will pay attention to you and not look for something more interesting on the internet right in front of you. This same principle applies to women who spend all the time on their phones. If your partner pays attention to you, don’t let him go.

Can handle conflict

Granted that conflict is part of life, if your partner can handle conflict, it is a mark of maturity. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but if your best partner quarrels a lot let alone beat you up, it shows he is not there yet and is an abuser. Some women have been killed by abusive partners, including in Sierra Leone. But women should ensure that they do not abuse their partners to anger let alone raise their hands against their partner. There is no excuse for wife battering or husband battering. If your partner can handle conflict, don’t let him go. 

Have fun with you

Have some fun moments together. Laugh over things and watch shows such as comedy or movies or go out and have some fun without compromising your values. Not everyone may be funny, but everyone likes to have some fun.

Is he proud of you?

Hiding relationships is for cheats and liars, which means they aren’t there for you. Is your partner proud of you? Can he take you out and introduce you to people? If your partner loves you, he will make sure everyone sees the two of you together.

They make effort

You have to keep your relationship alive. It won’t work just because you want it. If your partner does things to keep the relationship warm, don’t let him go.  Over time, the sparkle may wear off in every relationship, but if your partner continues to show up with flowers, help with chores and take you out to have quality time, don’t let him go.

He is positive and excited about the future

There are times when things become tough and rough, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. But if you have a partner who stays positive and is always excited about the future, don’t let him go. If your partner involves you in planning for the future, don’t let him go.

He hates corruption

Finally, in the corrupt world in which we live, some women usually push their partners to become corrupt. There are many stories of such in Sierra Leone. If your partner really hates corruption, he can be trusted. If your partner does not hate corruption, he is not trustworthy. If you are to build a home and bring up children with values and principles, never let go a man who hates corruption.


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