By: S Momodu

As seasonal rains continue at a time when some people enjoy the warmth of their blankets or the warm embrace of their loved ones, especially at dawn, Oswald Kabia gets up at dawn and shares the Word of God in various areas in Freetown using a megaphone.

Heavy downpour does not dampen the enthusiasm of Kabia, who stands in the dark all alone preaching. “Repent! Repent!” he calls people’s attention, as he goes on, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

With most Freetown residents still in bed when he wakes up, Kabia does not apparently do what he does for the love of money as he gets no offerings or collects tithes.

Speaking to Beyond Borders as he was sharing the Word of God, the evangelist said, “I don’t do what I do to get money. I have been doing this for over five years. As a born again Christianity, one of our responsibilities is to win souls for the Kingdom of God, so I go around from place to place in Freetown preaching. Also, whenever I am in the provinces, I preach.”

The father of two, whose day job is plumbing, starts preaching by 5 a.m. “I evangelize for about two hours and do so about three times every week. When I was a boy in Tonkolili District, I used to join my grandmother to go from village to village sharing the Word of God. We used to do so carrying a lamp.”

Asked whether Sierra Leone is a God-fearing nation, Kabia sighed and responded, “Well, there are some people who are really trying, but generally I don’t think so. People listen to the Word of God but they still do what God says we should not do. We are putting politics in everything that we are doing in this country. Some people just go to church because they want to belong, that is what I have observed.”

Asked about his testimony, the born again Christian said, “I can confess that I was once a bad boy. I used to smoke, drink, womanize, but since I met Reinhard Bonnke, who passed on last December, I became a born again and started praying for God to change my life. God has changed my life. I give Him all the glory, l don’t drink again, I have no girlfriend, I don’t smoke, I am married now with two daughters.” On whether Sierra Leoneans need to repent to move forward, Kabia says the Germans produce MercedesBenz, so they know about it more than anyone else. “God created human beings, so He knows about us. The manual for human beings is the Word of God. If you come to receive the knowledge of God, your health, peace and the way things happen to you will be different. Jesus did not come to condemn. Whenever I wake up and go about preaching, my desire is to bring people to the Lord. I cannot change anybody, but the Word of God can change,” he says. 

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