Sylvester Bob Hadji

What is the solution to Sierra Leone’s economic woes? Sylvester Bob Hadji, who is a lecturer and Head of Department of Economics and Commerce, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, has released two books: Modern Microeconomics and International Business.

“These books are extremely useful to Sierra Leone in that they contain several key contemporary issues in Sierra Leone in addition to the classroom relevance. They are also useful to other parts of the world as they are core modules or disciplines,” he said.

Hadji told Beyond Borders that he was inspired to write the books as a result of his professional experience and inspiration in teaching Microeconomics and International Business over the years and the need to produce economists who will effectively address the country’s economic challenges.

In an interview with Beyond Borders in the wake of massive cheating during senior secondary school examination that qualifies students to gain admission into universities in Sierra Leone, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala, said the country’s has economic challenges because we have economists who can’t solve the country’s economic issues.   

Now, however, Hadji says he has found the solution. Speaking to Beyond Borders, the Head of Department of Economics and Commerce said Microeconomics is one of the most difficult courses/modules in the world as it is extremely abstract, theoretical, mathematical and graphical in nature which, for many students, largely serves as a strong brake on the road to graduation.

“Many students find it extremely difficult to graduate as a result of the complex nature of Microeconomics. The purpose of this book is to eliminate the unwanted difficulty Microeconomics poses by clearly and carefully explaining critical Microeconomic concepts and providing step-by-step solutions to many mathematical problems. This book will help reduce failure rates in Microeconomics in schools, colleges and universities across the world as it is very simple to read. It is a ‘teach yourself’ book,” he said.

The former Bo School student pointed out the book will help develop students’ modeling skills and helps them think analytically about real world phenomena. “It gives students high analytical skills which are in high demand at work places,” he stressed.

He said the book aims at providing students with a complete knowledge and understanding of strong foundations of Modern Microeconomic analysis which would be extremely helpful in finding solutions to Sierra Leone economic problems.

“This book provides detailed and relevant issues for the discussions and applications of the contemporary Microeconomic issues which cut across countries and continents. This book will not only provide students with the ability to think, analyse and apply microeconomic issues in a practical fashion but also help individuals, firms and policy makers to employ Microeconomic tools in problem analysis and resolutions,” he added.

He noted that the book “is quite unique in nature as it is written in simple and clear English with the objective of facilitating comprehension thereby increasing students’ interest in the subject matter of Microeconomics. On the contrary, many Microeconomics textbooks are academically unfriendly to students as they contain several difficult economic jargons and many few-steps mathematical solutions which only end up confusing students.”

“Although this book is largely meant for undergraduates, it is, however, a very good source of reference for students pursuing masters’ degree and interested business persons,” reiterated Hadji.

Commenting on the other book, International Business, the author said it is a very important course or discipline many colleges, institutes and universities offer across the globe. “The study of International Business equips students with the requisite knowledge, training and skills to effectively and efficiently manage business transactions across international frontiers. It also helps students understand global markets and business practices and prepares them to work abroad particularly with companies or firms operating on a global scale,” he affirmed.

“The purpose of this book is to enable students imbibe full knowledge of the conduct of international business and guard companies or businessmen against the challenges they might encounter when they internationalise their businesses. The uniqueness of this book lies in its simplicity and academic friendliness in the treatment of detailed and relevant key contemporary business concepts,” he said.

In addition to the need for Sierra Leoneans to have quality education, including economists, many Sierra Leoneans agree that poorly educated professionals and corruption are major contributing factors to the country’s economic woes.

The FBC lecturer says having economists with the required skills is the starting point for addressing the country’s economic challenges. He said his books are now available on the 6th Floor, Kennedy Building, Fourah Bay College, and at Rokel Commercial Bank Outlet located at Fourah Bay College. “People who would like to contact me should email sylvesterbobhadji1900@gmail.com,” he said.


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