Founder & CEO of DreamDay Technology Limited, Kharifa Abdulai Kumara

By Mohamed Amara Gando

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Dreamday Technology Limited (DTL) has launched its first online E-learning library in Sierra Leone (SL).

The Founder & CEO of DreamDay Technology Limited, Kharifa Abdulai Kumara said they have already started helping students with the facility at IAMTECH, Limkokwing, Njala, Blue Crest, and other universities in the country.

Explaining the essence of the launching, the Founder and CEO noted that he wanted to make a difference in the educational sector of the country. “We are here to make a difference in the country. The E-learning platform is an easy way of accessing educational materials; that is why we have decided to create an online learning platform with an online library,” he said.

He added that among the products and services being offered, the Online Library of Dreamday Technology Limited aimed at providing students with educational resources by downloading and publishing books, theses, journals, articles, etc.  “The purpose of the launch of DTL is to educate people from all walks of life that are pursuing or wishing to pursue higher learning and to help them on how they can improve their academic learning experience using the website,” he stated.

“We believe that education has the power to transform lives and that education should be FREE. Such commitments require innovative approaches that go beyond building more educational institutions. With the Covid-19 in our country, DreamDay University will not only bridge the gap in the educational system in Sierra Leone but will also serve as a solution centre by way students can sign-up for FREE classes from lecturers and academics of popular universities,” he explained.       

He noted that they were targeting students that are yet to enter university or college and students who cannot afford college fees but still want to take classes on their dream courses, continuing students who want to understand their courses better and workers who want to improve their knowledge but are too busy to attend daily classes are the beneficiaries of the E-learning platform.

“It is a combination of a repository, library, and archive. It is an institutional repository that may be an archive for collecting, preserving, and disseminating digital copies of the intellectual outputs of institutions, particularly research institutions. Institutions around the world have started converting their traditional documents into electronic formats such as HTML or PDF which people can access online and print if necessary. Great writers like Prof. Joe A.D Ali has spent decades trying to improve the educational system in Sierra Leone through his writing, now few of his books and articles can be found in libraries and book shops but how long will those libraries and book shops keep the hard copies? With Salone Repository, students can publish their dissertations; and writers can publish their books, articles, educational news etc,” he explained”

Speaking on the expectation from partners, the Founder and CEO of DTL said they would bring a nationwide solution to the educational sector of the country. “We will need support from the government, NGOs, companies, and individuals to help scale the idea to benefit more people. The support among others will include: finance and logistics; internet connection for monitoring, maintenance, and course updates; support from policymakers to formulate a policy for online platforms since there is currently no existing policy in Sierra Leone for such a venture; more experts to scale the idea; course creating from academic partners and also training courses from ministries, companies, organizations, and associations; digital books for the Library; and advertisement,” he added.

He concluded that the platform would help to complement Government’s Free and Quality Education and called on citizens to visit their various Website and social media platforms. “This idea is to help promote the education using the internet as a better and easier solution that will allow students to take free online courses anywhere and at any time. We value and appreciate any sponsorship or partnership or support to meet our vision and goal towards online access that is FREE for all.

“We encourage people to contact us at info@salonrepository.sl Website: dreamdaytech-sl.com +232 76 111668 / +232 77 422504 / +232 31 027842 the official link for the Library:  https://salonrepository.sl,” he said.


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